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About us

The Economics Policy & Research Group (EPRG) was founded in 2015 with the aim to promote thought leadership in economics at the University of St Andrews. We are a student-run research group, conducting high-quality research into economic matters affecting the students of the university.

EPRG was set up to bridge the divide between the theory learnt in lecture halls and its applications in the real world. The reality is that many students do not have the opportunity to apply this theory to concrete economic problems until after they graduate. We firmly believe in learning by doing, and whilst it is important to build up one’s bank of knowledge, it is equally important to know how to apply this knowledge.

Whether members wish to enhance their research skills in view of pursuing a postgraduate degree, or whether they wish to increase their employability in an increasingly competitive job market, EPRG allows each and every one of its members to gain concrete experience whilst working on worthwhile projects.

The University of St Andrews has a vibrant community of students and world-leading faculty who are passionate about Economics. I founded the group with the aim of giving students the opportunity to work on exciting and hands-on Economics projects, as well as providing our academics with a platform for thought leadership.

Aishwayra Kakatkar, Founder of EPRG

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